About Us

The Hampstead Country House is tucked away on Dominica’s most breathtaking coconut estate.  A charming construction, it stands proudly in a lush garden of sprawling flamboyant, almond and other exotic trees, brought alive by colourful birds singing amidst buttercups, bougainvillea, hibiscus and the widest variety of crotons.

A constant throughout layers of one family’s personal and political history, the house retains a quiet majesty, timeless grace and bucolic enchantment, with capacious living spaces and 4 restfully furnished bedrooms. Quaint balconies offer seductive views of the island’s Atlantic coastline and picturesque mountains.

In addition, the house is set in this new-world Garden of Eden where rivers, streams and beaches flaunt stunning features and personalities sui generis to each.   There are 3 main beaches, all separate beings, beguiling different audiences on different days.  For sheer splendour and a peaceful swim, Batibou reigns.  Swayé delivers an eerie, lunar feel extracting a frisson or two from the daring adventurer when swarms of bats exit their caves in bewildering precision.  But at Number One, site of the historic films, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, the scuba divers’ and wind surfers’ paradise, river rafters would stare in amazement as river flows into sea beneath a towering wall of greenery.

Green is ever-present in multiple shades and palettes along the myriad nature trails across the property.  There, agro or heritage tourists would find delight in sites as various as the 100-year old coconut plantation Works building, a river flowing through the bushes behind, or in the ancient little chapel a mile away.

Only 20 minutes from the town of Portsmouth, and 30 minutes from Melville Hall airport, Hampstead Estate has the distinction of being the only site in Dominica with such a bundle of one-of-a-kind tourist attractions, so conveniently arrayed in one breathtaking location.