“The Works”- Stuck in Time Through the Centuries

"The Works" - coming soon: complete restoration Stuck- in time through the centuries: see the mill and the water wheel,sugar manufacturing,rum distillery,white lime production,coconut processing

Hampstead Estate is tucked away on Dominica’s most breathtaking coconut estate.

Nestled in a lush garden of sprawling flamboyant, almond and other exotic trees, brought alive by colourful birds singing amidst buttercups, bougainvillea, hibiscus and the widest variety of crotons, it is furnished with an elegant country flavour, has spacious living and dining rooms, and 4 simple and restfully furnished bedrooms plus a fully furnished self contained cottage.

Charming balconies offer seductive views of the island’s Atlantic coastline or of its picturesque mountains.

Hampstead Country House is situated within walking distance of both Batiboo Beach, probably the most exclusive and enchanting in Dominica, and the refreshing and invigorating Hampstead River. Hampstead’s #1 beach is the home of many scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3.

It is only a 20minute drive from the scenic town of Portsmouth to the west and Melville Hall Airport to the East.